I Pray For My Children. Prayer for Protection

Almighty God, I pray for my children,
take care of them in your love,
protect them from any harm,
Please, be a shield for them,
keep them apart from people with evil desires,
profanity and wrongdoing.

 Lord, I pray that your angels may watch over my children,
protect them from diseases and virus,
protect them wherever they go,
bless them when they go out or stay at home,
cover them with your salvation.

 Lord, protect my children's minds,
may have no Internet addiction
or pornography,
keep them out from these evils, I beg you.
Help me to be an example to them,
may my way of living be firm and in truth,
I leave my children in your precious hands,
because I know that you love them
even more than I do.
I thank you for all,
I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Family Prayer for children by Mery Bracho