Finding Peace and Hope as a Mom of Game-Addicted Children: A Collection of Mother's Prayers

prayer for today mom pray for his gamer boy or girl

Being a mom is a challenging job, and when you have children who are addicted to gaming, it can be an even more difficult experience. 

As a mother, you may feel helpless, frustrated, and at times, even hopeless. 
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Happy Thanksgiving, Family. Christian Quotes. 2024

Happy Thanksgiving, Family. Christian Quotes. Nov, 24, 2016. Christian image with thanksgiving prayer, blessings on thanksgiving day by Mery Bracho.

Happy Thanksgiving, Family. Christian Quotes. Nov, 2024

Happy Thanksgiving, dear family,
Let's say
Thank you, Lord, for our family
for your blessings, for your love,
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➤ 😇 ➤ Bedtime Prayers with Psalm 91 for Children and family Protection

Our children are cared for by God and his angels. We will pray for them tonight, thinking of Psalm 91, may the Lord protect them always, and free them from all danger or sickness. 

Let us pray for the whole family that God will help them to live under the protection of the Highest, to be protected by the shadow of the Almighty. Let us make these prayers with trust in the Lord, who protects and defends our children.

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