God’s blessing. Powerful Prayers for Our Children's Protection

Protection prayer for my children, free christian family prayer, mom and family love by Mery Bracho, christian image.

Let's pray for the children, for our children so that God will protect them from all danger in today's society.

 In today's world there are temptations, videos, photos, people who want to hurt our children but prayers are powerful for their protection.  Pray that God will take care of them both physically and spiritually. 

Powerful Prayers for Our Children's Protection 
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May God bless you, Dear Mom

Christian card for mom on birthday or mother's day, wishes for my mother win nice image by Mery Bracho
May God bless you and
grant your wishes.

Mom, you are unique
and special to me,
I love you so much
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Happy Mother's Day, Dear Mom. May Quotes , 2019

Happy Mother's Day, Dear Mom. May Quotes, 2019

Mom, you always care,
you’re always there,
you always stay
when things gets rough
when life gets tough.
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