My children are my joy, my stars, thank you God for them

nice quotes for my children, short quotes for family, christian family image,
My kids are joy in my days
they show me love, understanding,
they are the joy of my heart.
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Nice Quotes to a Beautiful Princess, my Daughter

quotes for my daughter, princess, my girl, I love my daughter, words mom to girl. Nice princess crown image. Mom and family love.
No matter how old you are,
you still will be my beautiful princess,
my precious flower,
my sunshine and sweet girl.
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Take Care of Yourself Son / Daughter. Family Quotes

Nice quotes for my son or daughter, take care of yourself

When you were a child I gave you a proper hygiene, I bathed you, I cared that you had clean hands, that you were not dangerous places but now that you've grown up, I ask God to look after you and that you learn to take care of yourself not only physically but in every one of your emotions and actions.
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