Dear Daughter, May God be with you, nice quotes for my daughter

free christian quotes for a daughter, my child, princess. Nice wishes for my daughter free image and quotes to say to your child-
My daughter, Dear Princess
You're a beautiful princess
God gave me and he crowned you
with many capabilities that use
to take advantage of with honor and joy.

Wishes to you, My child
I want you to look always forward
and never give up in front of the difficulty
you may face because
while you want to do the right thing
will come thoughts of discouragement
or tempting thoughts, but I encourage you
to keep close to God,
who is always willing to help you for no fall
into temptation and always
walk in the way of truth and life.

Daughter, I Love You
I want you to know that I love you,
you're always in my heart,
in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Daughter, God takes care of you
Daughter, I have confidence
that you are under God's protection
every single day,
take good care of yourself
where you're going
because you are unique and special.

Dear Daughter, May God be with you, nice quotes for my daughter. Free christian image and quotes to share them with your daughter by Mery Bracho