➤ 😇 ➤ Bedtime Prayers with Psalm 91 for Children and family Protection

Our children are cared for by God and his angels. We will pray for them tonight, thinking of Psalm 91, may the Lord protect them always, and free them from all danger or sickness. 

Let us pray for the whole family that God will help them to live under the protection of the Highest, to be protected by the shadow of the Almighty. Let us make these prayers with trust in the Lord, who protects and defends our children.

Bedtime Prayers with Psalm 91 for Children and Family Protection

Prayer for family Protection for day or night with Psalm 91

Lord, our God,  as a family we ask that you always keep us under your protection, may we sleep under your care every night.

You are our almighty God, the refuge we have and where we feel safe. Thank you for giving us the strength and health that we need to keep us going.

We trust that every night and every day you will keep us from all hidden dangers, we pray so you will keep us from all sickness, and protect us. Lord, help us to live in peace.

Thank you, you are always here with our family, during the day and at night, your powerful hand sustains us and keeps us from danger, you will keep us from all misfortune because we live under your protection God Most High.

Thank you for protecting us from disasters and for sending your angels around this family, they will keep us safe.

Lord, on this night we ask you for peace for our hearts, when we are afraid give us the assurance of your promises that we will lie down in peace and trust.

Help us to live under the shadow of your wings, without worry or anxiety. Give us a long life so that we may be wise in all our living. May we be joyful in you, knowing that we are under your cover and that your love will always fill us. Amen.
Mery Bracho

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Prayer for Protection and Safety for our Children at bedtime with Psalm 91

Lord, thank you for my children. Tonight I entrust them to you to give them protection, with all your power you keep them from evil, they will always live under your care because you are their safe haven, they will always receive strength from you, and they will trust in your grace and love.

Beloved God, keep my children away from every hidden danger, and keep them safe from any disease and virus in the environment. Thank you because you never stop caring for them and with your help, they can live in peace.

Lord, protect my children from all evil, during the day let nothing frighten them and at night let them be cared for under your mighty wings.

May each one of my children seek you so that you may set them free at the time they need. Protect them, may they know who you are, and may they seek you with all their heart. I beg you to help them so that they will always invoke you so that you will set them free in moments of distress.

Lord, my children are in your hands, I trust in you completely and they will sleep peacefully and safely tonight. Amen.
Mery Bracho

Bedtime Short Prayer for my children's Protection with Psalm 91

Lord, thank you for this new night of rest when my children go to bed to sleep peacefully. Thank you for all your care, you are our refuge, in you, we trust and wait.

Eternal God, keep us away from the power of evil, may we be without worries or anguish because you cover every person in this family and we will live peacefully and confident in you at home.

Lord, I pray that you will help my children stay away from those who do harm, I pray that you will free them from people with evil intentions, keep them from accidents and diseases, and keep them safe from any disaster that may come close to our home.

Lord, your great love is awesome, today I beg you to bless my children with your wisdom and knowledge, so that they may seek to do your will and follow your ways.

Give your blessing to my dear children and may they have a long, peaceful life. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Psalm 91

1 Live under the protection
of God Most High
and stay in the shadow
of God All-Powerful.


Lord, let my children dwell under your shelter, let them be sheltered by your love, your salvation, and your compassion.  Let my children be covered by your shadows wherever they go.  

2 Then you will say to the Lord,
“You are my fortress,
my place of safety;
you are my God,
and I trust you.”

Lord, may my children want to talk to you, may they feel confident to say that you are their hope and fortress, and can trust you fully. Amen

3 The Lord will keep you safe
from secret traps
and deadly diseases.


God, deliver my children from every trap and snare of the hunter, protect them from evil and wicked people, that they may not fall into provocation.  I also beg you to protect them from every plague, pandemic, epidemic, virus, and disease in the environment. Amen  

4 He will spread his wings
over you
and keep you secure.
His faithfulness is like
a shield or a city wall.


Lord, I know that it is best to live with you, that my children are at peace knowing that you cover them with your feathers and under your wings, they will be safe.  Thank you for your truth that defends them. Amen  

5 You won’t need to worry
about dangers at night
or arrows during the day.
6 And you won’t fear diseases
that strike in the dark
or sudden disaster at noon.

7 You will not be harmed,
though thousands fall
all around you.

8 And with your own eyes
you will see
the punishment
of the wicked.

9 The Lord Most High
is your fortress.
Run to him for safety,

10 and no terrible disasters
will strike you
or your home.

11 God will command his angels
to protect you
wherever you go.

12 They will carry you
in their arms,
and you won’t hurt your feet
on the stones.

13 You will overpower
the strongest lions
and the most deadly snakes.

14 The Lord says,
“If you love me
and truly know who I am,
I will rescue you
and keep you safe.

15 When you are in trouble,
call out to me.
I will answer and be there
to protect and honor you.

16 You will live a long life
and see my saving power.”